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Boon Siew Honda Launches Honda Spacy 110cc and PCX 153cc Scooters

31 Oct

Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd is setting the trend in fun  and easy riding with the introduction of the All-New Spacy and the All-New PCX today. Both of these new global Automatic Transmission models – which have made its mark in Europe, America and around Asia – will be available in Malaysia, featuring advanced safety, improved dimensions and comfort styling.

With easy-to-ride, practicality, safety and fuel efficiency as the top features, the Spacy and PCX are packed with advanced technology and innovation. Both Automatic Transmission models are designed to be stylish and easy to handle, making riding even more enjoyable.

Speaking at the launch, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Boon Siew Honda, Satoshi Okada said, “At Boon Siew Honda, we believe that there is always a bike for everyone, for every occasion, for every lifestyle. In a business dealing with of all kinds of motorbikes, there is always a place for Automatic Transmission models, which are simple to ride and maintain. Today, we are taking this line to a whole new level with the Spacy and PCX, two Automatic Transmission models with exciting new features.”

The All-New Honda Spacy 110cc

The Spacy is designed for fun with high utility and big capacity. It is spacious at every level, from an 18-litre XL-sized utility box (U-Box) that can fit a full-face helmet to a 5.2L fuel tank that reduces the need for refuelling. With space being the key theme, the floor panel is also made larger, the seat wider, and the front inner box can fit a 500ml water bottle and other small things. The Spacy has utility and style all around. The excellent features also make for a more enjoyable ride for both rider and passenger!

Safety and stability are highlighted in the new Spacy with its brake lock lever function and tubeless tyres. The brake lock lever function is easily activated with a quiet click, providing added relief for riders to avoid accidentally turning the throttle when idling. Braking is via a front disc brake that provides superior control even on slippery roads.

Tubeless tyres are a superior alternative to conventional tyres. The Spacy’s durable tubeless tyres ensure that air doesn’t dissipate all at once during a puncture. Adding to its safety feature, the Spacy has a special Side Stand Switch feature which activates an automatic engine shutdown when the side stand comes down, a design which also saves fuel consumption.

Visibility both for the rider and of the rider to other motorists is critical. The Spacy with its headlight that is quick in illuminating corners and the big eye winker and fog light design that provides better visibility at night, enhances safety when riding in dark, rainy or foggy conditions. The rear lamp is elegant in design with the winkers separated from the tail light to increase visibility to trailing motorists.

The Honda Spacy runs on a fan-cooled, 4-stroke, 110cc single-cylinder OHC engine powered by Honda V-Matic echnology. It is economically fuel-efficient with 41.5km per litre while complying with the Euro II emission standards based on the ECE40 Mode test. The key shutter glows in the dark and has a magnetic locking system, providing ease of use while reducing theft risk.

Available in Magellanic Black, Euphoria Red Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White, the Spacy has a On-The-Road road price of RM4,999 with 1 year comprehensive single rider insurance and a warranty period of 2 years or 20,000km, whichever comes first. The Spacy will also be available in another colour, Luminous Orange in March 2013.

The All-New 153cc Honda PCX

The Luxurious and Feature-Laden Performance Automatic Transmission Model The All-New PCX is a stylish Automatic Transmission model built as a luxurious Personal Comfort Sedan with the key elements of comfort and convenience, combined with high power performance and sporty design. This elegant Automatic Transmission model is also environmentally friendly.

For the first time, Honda’s Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system is made available in an automatic transmission line with the PCX, providing optimum burning velocity and cooling performance. Its 153cc single-cylinder, four stroke, liquid-cooled SOHC engine enhanced Smart Power (eSP) which is designed for durability, fuel economy, power and torque and coupled with quiet operation provides excellent fuel consumption of 50.2km per litre based on the ECE40 Mode test.

Adding to this outstanding fuel efficiency is a new Idling Stop System, which automatically stops the engine when it is idle after 3 seconds. Within the system is also an ACG starter, which permits smooth starting, eliminating typical noise from the starter gear engagement or meshing. The engine restarts automatically when the throttle grip is twisted. The result is fuel savings of approximately 7% compared to when the system is not in function based on ECE R40 Mode test.

To achieve smoother and more effective braking, the Combined Brake System (CBS) operates between the front disc or three-piston caliper and real drum to equalise braking pressure. The PCX uses 14-inch Aluminium Wheels with Tubeless Tyres, adding to its stability and safety. Another safety feature of the PCX is that the engine automatically shuts off when the side stand is down, courtesy of its Side-stand Switch.

Adding to the exterior styling, the PCX comes with a Tail Light with Separate Winkers, giving it a sporty look while making the rider more visible to trailing motorists. The All-in-one Dual Grand Headlight with Position Lamp not only looks elegant, but also provides large headlights and a fog lamp for better visibility at night. Providing clear viewing of ride information is an electronic speedometer and an LCD screen displaying the fuel gauge and Idling Stop System.

For longer distance travelling, comfortable seating and spacious storage are very important. The PCX addresses this with a Wide Seat with Sit-in Riding Position, a console box to fit personal items such as sun glasses and riding gloves and a 25-litre Extra Large U-Box that can store a full-face helmet and more. The 5.9-litre fuel tank is made extra convenient when refueling with a Pop-up Opening. The features laden and luxurious PCX will certainly give riders the utmost comfort and peace of mind when riding, making it the perfect everyday ccomplice.

The PCX comes in two variants. The Deluxe variant which come in Pearl Metalloid White with the road price of RM10,888 and the Standard variant which comes in Pearl Magellanic Black and Radiate Grey Metallic at the road price of RM10,688. Both variants come with 1 year comprehensive single rider insurance and a warranty period of 2 years or 20,000km, whichever comes first.

For more information, please visit or call the Boon Siew Honda Toll-Free number at 1800-88-3993 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, except for public holidays).

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ASUS Malaysia Launches Windows 8-based Tablets and Notebooks

30 Oct

ASUS Malaysia Sdn Bhd has launched its line-up of new touch-based devices powered by Microsoft Windows 8.

Unveiled in conjunction with ASUS roadshow in Klang Valley, the exciting range array of tablets, notebooks and ultraportables offers unprecedented ease of use through a combination of innovative design and intuitive multi-touch control. With its unique insight into user needs and constant quest for perfection, ASUS continues to exceed expectations and deliver extraordinary customer satisfaction.

ASUS Malaysia Country Manager, George Su said, “Together with Intel and Windows 8 plus our relentless pursuit of incredible innovation, we are at the very forefront of transition to an era of extensive cloud computing, where every device must be mobile, adaptable and intuitive.” He added, “With our roadshow, we hope consumers get to discover the exciting lineup of new innovative touch-based products, and experience the incredible moments in store for them.”

ASUS Transformer Book    

ASUS Transformer Book is the world’s first ultraportable to combine the best features of a notebook and tablet. When it’s time to work, Transformer Book is a powerful and fully featured notebook with a high-capacity hard drive. When it’s time to relax, the high-definition display detaches from the keyboard dock and Transformer Book instantly becomes a multi-touch Windows 8 tablet with its own blazingly fast SSD storage. With Smart Battery technology that ensures maximum mobile performance in both modes, Transformer Book the perfect solution for anyone who needs all the power of a notebook with the versatility of a tablet.


The newly expanded ASUS ZENBOOK Series of sleek and stylish ultraportables now features a range of specifications and screen sizes to suit every mobile need. ZENBOOK features an award-winning, precision-engineered, design with a beautiful spun-metal finish and a stunning razor-thin profile. Brilliant high-definition displays, powerful quad-core processors and lightning-quick solid-state storage feature throughout, while optional multi-touch on select models gives full gesture control with Windows 8.

ASUS VivoBook Series    

ASUS VivoBook S200 and S400 ultraportables offer a stylish combination portability, durability and affordability for mainstream Windows 8 users. With specifications that include 3rd generation Intel Core processors for excellent multi-tasking performance, VivoBook is available with an 11.6” or 14” high-definition screen and features a large multi-touch touchpad, incredible SonicMaster audio, and a choice of hard drive and hybrid storage.

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BMW Group Malaysia Introduces C 600 & C 650 GT Scooters to Malaysia

29 Oct

BMW Group Malaysia today marked the beginning of a new era in personal mobility in Malaysia with the introduction of the all new BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT by BMW Motorrad. Designed to match the evolving challenges of inner city traffic, rising energy costs and with a stringent focus on delivering the most stringent greenhouse emission standards, the all new  BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT are the foremost Maxi Scooters available in the world today and combine the outstanding riding properties of a motorcycle with the specific agility and comfort of a scooter for an all new level dynamic riding experience.

“As the world’s leading premium automaker, we at BMW demonstrate our penchant for constant innovation yet again with the introduction of the remarkable all new BMW C600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT, the world’s first ever premium maxi scooters, here in Malaysia.” said Dr. Gerhard Pils, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia.

Pils further remarked that the introduction of the new BMW Scooters would be a positive boost to BMW Group Malaysia which has continued to see remarkable growth in 2012 with a total of 5014 BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad vehicles delivered throughout the country as of September 2012, an increase of sales by 19% compared to the same period in 2011.

The differing characteristics of the two BMW scooters is designed to appeal to a wide target group – the BMW C 600 Sport for riders with sports riding ambitions and the BMW C 650 GT for customers with a greater appreciation for comfort and touring ability. Irrespective of customer desires, the new BMW scooters set an all new benchmark in the segment with the trademark BMW design philosophy of a modern, dynamic and luxurious vehicle clearly evident. Visually, the face of the new BMW maxi scooters are distinguished by a generously sized upside down fork and two-rotor disc brake, just as on a motorcycle. The tails proudly bear a dynamically designed single swing-arm with generously dimensioned hollow wheel axles which are typical characteristics of motorcycles designed by BMW Motorrad.

“The all new BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT are evolutions in individual mobility and provides our Malaysian customers with an unparalleled level of riding dynamics, comfort, practicality and safety.” said Fazli Shukor, Head of Motorrad at BMW Group Malaysia.

While nearly identical in terms of technology, the two new maxi scooters by BMW Motorrad retain distinct characteristics in fulfilling their individual roles. Where the BMW C 600 Sport stresses a sports appeal with dynamic riding properties, the BMW C 650 GT delivers a fascinating performance above all in comfort and distance touring capability. For instance, the generously sized panelling parts on the BMW C 650 GT are designed to provide outstanding protection against the elements whereas the BMW C 600 Sport demonstrates sporty, spartan dressing with an emphasis on lightness and streamlined aerodynamics.

Featuring a 2-cylinder inline engine, the powertrain of the all new BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT is an all new design by BMW Motorrad with an output of 44 kW/ 60 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 66 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Power is transferred to the motorcycle’s drive shaft via a directly integrated Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted level of acceleration. As the most powerful engine of its class, the powertrain of the new BMW Maxi Scooters provides everything needed for dynamic performance as well as outstanding torque levels with the BMW C 600 Sport capable of reaching the 0-100km/h mark in 7.1 seconds and the BMW C 650 GT in 7.5 seconds.

Despite these impressive performance capabilities, both the BMW C 600 Sport and C 650 GT demonstrate exceptionally low sound and vibration characteristics thanks in large to a 90° crank pin offset, 270° ignition spacing and a pair of balancer shafts driven by spur gears. The Maxi Scooters also have a very low centre of gravity courtesy of the low position of its engine with a cylinder bank which is inclined to the front by 70°. In addition, innovative design elements ensure that the Maxi Scooters maintain optimized efficiency with the engine achieving efficient combustion and minimal friction loss at low engine speed levels. This precise engineering concept allows the BMW Motorrad 2-cylinder inline engine to be the most efficient powertrain in its class with a CO2 emission level of only 0.01 grams per kilometre and an average fuel consumption of 4.8 l/100km at speeds up to 100kmph.

Sharing the same proven electrical system as other BMW Motorrad models, the new BMW Maxi Scooters are fitted with a CAN bus (controller area network) electrical system which networks the instrument cluster, ABS and engine controller as well as the electronic immobiliser and the anti-theft alarm system and tyre pressure control (RDC) which are available as optional equipment. In addition, both the BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT feature a power socket installed in the left storage compartment. This can be used to recharge a mobile phone and is connected via Bluetooth to the BMW Motorrad communication system in the rider’s helmet, allowing for convenient and safe communications.

The instrument cluster on the all new BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT presents considerably more functions than other vehicles in its class. It presents a large and readily visible LCD display with integrated engine speed readouts as well as an analogue speedometer with BMW Design Engineers placing an emphasis on best possible legibility under all riding conditions as well the elimination of reflections on the display.  Aside from fuel levels, the instrument cluster also presents, as standard, useful details regarding the Maxi Scooters oil levels, distance travelled, date and time, average fuel consumption amounts and rate, external temperatures as well as service information regarding the bike itself.

As an added boon to touring enthusiasts, the long distance capabilities of the BMW C 650 GT is further reinforced with a spacious 60 litre storage compartment beneath the maxi scooter seat as well as two smaller compartments located along the front of the leg well. An additional storage compartment with internal lighting is also fitted in the tail of the BMW C 650 GT and is capable of fitting up to two helmets when stationary. In addition, bulges on either side of the maxi scooter’s tail offer additional stowage space for general utilities.

While the tail section of the BMW C 600 Sport remains shorter and sleeker to optimise its sports dynamics, BMW Motorrad engineers have still managed to integrate a stowage space concept which also allows the storage of up to two helmets as well. The purpose made BMW Flexcase takes the form of a flap in the maxi scooters tail base which can be opened to deepen available stowage space which is made possible through the use of high strength Kevlar based elastic material. The result is a variable stowage compartment which while flexible, maintains excellent dirt and water repellent connection from flap to tail base. Additional luggage transport capacity on both the BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT can also be added with optional accessories such as a luggage rack and top case. Motorcycling and safety have been two words which are inseparably linked as far as BMW Motorrad is concerned. For decades, the company has pioneered innovations in motorcycle safety technology and its integrated “Safety 360” principle is ably demonstrated in the BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT.

Both maxi scooters are fitted with a generously sized braking system consisting of a two-rotor disc brake at the front and a single disc brake at the rear with BMW Motorrad ABS fitted as a standard feature to ensure maximum possible safety. In addition to that, the two new maxi scooters are also the first models by BMW to feature its LED daytime running light technology, providing for enhanced visibility in road traffic and significantly contributing to the motorcyclist’s passive safety.

“As a forward moving strategy, all BMW Motorrad models from 2013 onwards will be fitted with ABS as a standard feature. This represents a vital and actionable step in increasing motorcyclist safety and the precursor to additional active safety systems for motorcycles in the years to come.” said Fazli.

Available in Cosmic Blue Metallic Matt, Titanium Silver Metallic and Sapphire Black Metallic for the BMW C 600 Sport and Sapphire Black Metallic, Platinum Bronze Metallic and Vermillion Red Metallic on the BMW C 650 GT, the retail price (on the road, without insurance for the all-new BMW C 600 Sport and BMW C 650 GT are:

BMW C 600 Sport   –  RM 65,000.00

BMW C 650 GT  –  RM 68,800.00

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Kingston Ships New USB Drive Certified for Windows To Go

29 Oct

The Kingston DataTraveler Workspace USB Flash drive. DataTraveler Workspace is certified for Windows To Go, a key feature of Windows 8 Enterprise. DataTraveler Workspace enables enterprises to provision a corporate desktop on an external USB drive, thus allowing users to boot and operate Windows 8 from portable devices. This new drive is a unique external USB 3.0 device that is capable of SSD-like performance.

DataTraveler Workspace is made specifically for organizations that want to use the new Windows To Go feature found in Windows 8 Enterprise. The drive is designed to help IT administrators support their mobile user base — from remote employees to contractors and consultants. DataTraveler Workspace helps companies and organizations meet both bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives and disaster recovery requirements.

“There’s been such a revolutionary shift in today’s workforce and by pairing our innovations, we give customers an effective alternative to safely and efficiently access the corporate network regardless of where they are in the world,” said Karri Alexion-Tiernan, Director of Product Marketing, Windows Enterprise, Microsoft. “With Kingston’s DataTraveler Workspace, customers will be able to deliver a great experience when running Windows 8 from a USB drive.”

“Over the past year, we’ve worked diligently with Microsoft to develop a USB Flash drive that met the requirements of Windows To Go, as well as provide the performance, flexibility and durability that our customers know us for,” said Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston. “We will continue to deliver innovations as the marketplace evolves and are delighted to be one of the select manufacturers to deliver a certified for Windows To Go USB Flash drive.”

For pricing information, please contact your corporate reseller or distributor. For more product information visit

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Stoner Wins Australian MotoGP, Lorenzo Crowned 2012 World Champion

28 Oct

Repsol Honda’s Casey Stoner won the Australian MotoGP race in Phillip Island for a record 6th consecutive time while Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo of Yamaha Factory Racing clinched the 2012 title after his closest rival, Dani Pedrosa crashed out of the race on the 2nd lap while leading. Tech 3 Yamaha’s Cal Crtuchlow finished a lonely 3rd to take the final podium place.

There was a battle for 4th as Tech 3 Yamaha’s Andrea Dovizioso with Gresini Honda’s Alvaro Bautista and LCR Honda’s Stefan Bradl, with the trio swapping 4th place throughout the entire race. Eventually, it was Dovizioso that had the edge over the 2 satelite Honda riders, by seizing the lead going into the Doohan Corner at the start of the last lap, and held it all the way to the chequered flag.

It was Lorenzo that got the holeshot into turn one after a lightning start with Repsol Honda Team’s Dani Pedrosa close on his tail in front of his teammate Stoner. Pedrosa was boisterous from the start and pushed past Lorenzo within a couple of turns as he tried to pull away. Local hero Stoner was soon all over Lorenzo and took him on the home straight heading into lap two.

Shortly after there was huge drama as Pedrosa pushed too hard and lost the rear of his bike, with Stoner and Lorenzo closely behind. The Spaniard was able to remount, yet had to pit with the bike too damaged, leaving Lorenzo in a strong position to take the world title. As Stoner pulled away at the front in dominant fashion, an entertaining battle for third ensued being led by Monster Yamaha Tech 3’s Cal Crutchlow, followed by teammate Andrea Dovizioso, San Carlo Honda Gresini’s Álvaro Bautista and LCR Honda MotoGP’s Stefan Bradl.

In the meantime, Paul Bird Motorsport’s James Ellison crashed out of the race, while NGM Mobile Forward Racing’s Colin Edwards had to retire due to a technical issue. With 18 laps remaining Crutchlow was on charge as he was lapping faster than Lorenzo, dropping off Dovizioso slightly, who had Bautista stuck to his rear wheel. Behind them, Ducati Team’s Valentino Rossi was leading a battle of the Desmosedicis ahead of Cardion AB Racing’s Karel Abraham and Ducati’s Nicky Hayden.

With 16 laps left Bautista made his way past Dovizioso as he came under pressure from Bradl, who overtook the Italian a lap later. Bradl was a man on a mission as he then took Bautista on the home straight, with Dovizioso following suit a few corners later. Stoner was leading at the front with Lorenzo and lonely second and Crutchlow a lonely third, yet Bautista and Dovizioso were at each other throughout. With eight laps to go Speed Master’s Roberto Rolfo retired with a mechanical issue.

Further afield and Power Electronics Aspar’s Aleix Espargaró was tussling with teammate Randy de Puniet in their battle for CRT supremacy. With five laps remaining Dovizioso looked to have re-found his stride as he went past Bradl into fourth. A lap later Bautista capitalised on this and squeezed past the German for fifth. And two laps before the end the trio provided fairing-to-fairing action with Dovizioso leading into the last lap, and keeping this position until the line.

Yet ultimately it was Stoner who made it six wins in succession at the Australian track on his final bow at his home circuit, with Lorenzo clinching his second premier-class title with one lap to go. Crutchlow put in a terrific ride as he stormed to his second ever GP podium, despite suffering from illness. Dovizioso was the first non-podium finisher, followed by Bautista, Bradl, Rossi, Hayden, Abraham, as well as Espargaró, who came out on top in the battle with his teammate.

The race was a huge draw for the Australian crowd as an estimated 53,100 fans descended on the track on Sunday, making the estimated three-day attendance a record breaking 122,470.

1 Casey Stoner Repsol Honda Team Honda RC213V
2 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha M1
3 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha M1
4 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha M1
5 Alvaro Bautista Honda Gresini Honda RC213V
6 Stefan Bradl LCR Honda MotoGP Honda RC213V
7 Valentino Rossi Marlboro Ducati Team Ducati GP12
8 Nicky Hayden Marlboro Ducati Team Ducati GP12
9 Karel Abraham Cardion AB Motoracing Ducati GP12
10 Aleix Espargaro Power Electronics Aspar ART
11 Randy De Puniet Aspar Team MotoGP ART
12 Hector Barbera Pramac Racing Team Ducati GP12
13 Danilo Petrucci Ioda Racing Project Ioda
14 Michele Pirro Honda Gresini FTR
15 Ivan Silva BQR BQR-FTR
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Stoner on Pole, Lorenzo 2nd and Pedrosa 3rd for Australian MotoGP

27 Oct

It was Repsol Honda Team’s Casey Stoner who was on blistering pace as he stormed to his fifth successive pole position for the AirAsia Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island with an impressive performance in today’s qualifying ahead of Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa.

Stoner did well to overcome an early crash to post a time in the mid 1.29s, which was over half a second ahead of second placed Jorge Lorenzo, who was pleased to get his Yamaha Factory Racing machine on the front row to challenge for the title tomorrow. Completing the front row is Repsol Honda’s Dani Pedrosa, who was a further four tenths back on Lorenzo, promising an exciting run into the first turn as the Spanish duo competes for championship honours.

Row two is headed by Monster Yamaha Tech 3’s Cal Crutchlow, who once again showed no signs of the illness that has plagued him since Monday, putting in another terrific qualifying performance. LCR Honda MotoGP’s Stefan Bradl lines up next to him in fifth, with the German Rookie finding his form at last, after some difficult preceding practice sessions.

Sixth place is occupied by Crutchlow’s teammate Andrea Dovizioso, with the Italian doing well to recover from his earlier crash in the morning session. Heading row three in seventh place is San Carlo Honda Gresini’s Álvaro Bautista, who is the last man within two seconds of Stoner and will be hoping for an improved race pace to challenge for a podium.

In eighth, Ducati Team’s Valentino Rossi showed a slight improvement over his previous outings, and will be looking to challenge Bautista in the race tomorrow to steal fifth place in the championship. Power Electronics Aspar’s Randy de Puniet will line up ninth on the grid, after the Frenchman produced a stunning performance to record the best CRT grid position yet.

Ducati Team’s Nicky Hayden completes the top ten, and will hope that his particular fondness of the track can see him climb the ranks tomorrow. Avintia Blusens’ Australian substitute rider Kris McLaren did not make the 107% qualifying mark, but will have another chance in tomorrow’s warm-up to qualify for the race. He did well to walk away from a crash early in the session.

1 Casey Stoner Repsol Honda Team Honda RC213V 1:29.623
2 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha Factory Racing Yamaha M1 1:30.140
3 Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda Team Honda RC213V 1:30.575
4 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha M1 1:30.763
5 Stefan Bradl LCR Honda MotoGP Honda RC213V 1:30.798
6 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha M1 1:31.200
7 Alvaro Bautista Honda Gresini Honda RC213V 1:31.490
8 Valentino Rossi Marlboro Ducati Team Ducati GP12 1:31.661
9 Randy De Puniet Aspar Team MotoGP ART 1:31.667
10 Nicky Hayden Marlboro Ducati Team Ducati GP12 1:31.681
11 Karel Abraham Cardion AB Motoracing Ducati GP12 1:31.910
12 Aleix Espargaro Power Electronics Aspar ART 1:31.990
13 Hector Barbera Pramac Racing Team Ducati GP12 1:32.231
14 Michele Pirro Honda Gresini FTR 1:33.050
15 Danilo Petrucci Ioda Racing Project Ioda 1:33.069
16 Colin Edwards Forward Racing Suter 1:33.450
17 James Ellison Paul Bird Racing ART 1:33.489
18 Robbie Rolfo Speed Master ART 1:33.577
19 Ivan Silva BQR BQR-FTR 1:34.156
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CyberLink PowerDVD 12 & PowerDVD Mobile

27 Oct

CyberLink Corp., a provider of innovative media creation solutions, today launched an updated version of its award-winning media player, PowerDVD 12, along with new PowerDVD Mobile to ensure users of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system continue to enjoy a premium entertainment experience on their new Windows 8 PCs.

With the removal of native support for DVD playback in Windows Media Player, consumers will require additional media playback software to play DVDs and MPEG-2 files on their Windows 8 PCs. The world’s #1 multimedia player, PowerDVD 12, is certified as compatible with Windows 8, guaranteeing users can still enjoy all their Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and videos on their new systems.

CyberLink also launched a new mobile application designed for Windows 8 tablets. PowerDVD Mobile brings the premium playback features of CyberLink PowerDVD to Windows 8 mobile devices so that consumers can watch movies, view photos, and listen to music in the best quality, wherever they are.

“With over 100 million units sold every year, PowerDVD is the world’s number one media player with a proven record of high quality and market-leading innovation,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “PowerDVD is the essential software for Windows 8 users who want to maintain the ability to watch their Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and other videos on their PC or tablet, in addition to their music and photos, all in a premium digital experience.”

Consumers purchasing PowerDVD 12 during the launch of Windows 8 will receive bonus copies of PowerDVD Mobile and the critically acclaimed photography workflow software, PhotoDirector. More information is available from the Windows 8 Launch Sale page.

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Windows 8 Officially Launched @ Times Square in New York City

26 Oct

Microsoft has officially launched its eagerly-awaited new OS, Windows 8, at midnight (Oct 26) at Times Square in  New York City. Here is the photo showing the celebration:

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Transcend Announces 1000x CompactFlash Card Series

25 Oct

Aimed at professional photographers, the new 1000x CF cards feature high-speed transfer rates up to 160MB/s read and 120MB/s write, ensuring maximum performance when used with today’s cutting-edge digital camera equipment.

Fully compliant with CompactFlash revision 6.0, Transcend’s “Ultimate” series 1000x CompactFlash cards operate in Ultra DMA (UDMA) transfer mode 7, the fastest interface speed available for CF cards. As a result, a top-end DSLR camera equipped with a 1000x CF card responds more quickly – especially important during fast-action burst mode shooting – and stores large images in RAW format faster than ever before. When back at the studio, 1000x CF cards help increase post-production efficiency with incredible read speeds of up to 160MB/s, which allows transferring images from card to computer in a matter of seconds.

To satisfy the needs of serious videographers, Transcend’s 1000x CompactFlash cards implement the Video Performance Guarantee (VPG-20), which enables professional-quality video capture at sustained write speeds of at least 20MB/s without dropping frames. Available in up to 128GB capacity, these cards are the ultimate class-leading storage for ultra-high resolution Full-HD, 3D, and even 4K UHDTV (2160p) video recording.

To assure robust, long-life durability and guaranteed performance, Transcend’s 1000x CF cards are manufactured using premium quality toggle mode NAND Flash memory chips. In addition, each card contains built-in BCH ECC (Error Correction Code) technology with read-retry for detecting and correcting errors during data transfer. Backed by Transcend’s renowned Limited Lifetime Warranty,

Transcend’s 1000x CompactFlash cards are now available in 16GB (US$109.99), 32GB (US$229.99), 64GB (US$459.99) and 128GB (US$749.99) capacities.

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BMW Innovations Showcase @ the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

25 Oct

BMW Group Malaysia has launched its first ever hybrid variants in Malaysia, the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Series & BMW 5 Series in conjunction with the BMW Innovations Showcase at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Introducing the new innovative vehicles from BMW, Dr. Gerhard Pils, Managing Director, BMW Group Malaysia said, “Since the early 1970s, BMW has been working on the idea of networking vehicles with each other as well as with the outside world in order to realise innovative communication and driver assistance systems for its cars. Since those early days, enormous progress in automotive networking has been made to intelligently link the driver to the car and to the outside world. The BMW Innovations Showcase at The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is meant to demonstrate to Malaysians the significant achievements in technology the BMW Group has made, and to encourage Malaysians to recognise and explore the extent of opportunities technology can offer us today.”

The star display of the BMW Innovations Showcase was the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept Car, a futuristic roadster designed to allow for optimal insights into the display and practical application of future BMW ConnectedDrive features. From advanced driver assistance and real time traffic information to new technologies for the in-car use of mobile devices and more, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is the test bed and precursor of technological innovations to come in the near future. Divided into the three areas of safety, infotainment and comfort the fundamental concept of the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive – the intelligent networking of driver, vehicle and the outside world – is expressed on four levels: the display and operating concept, an unparalleled light installation, the design of the car itself and the integration of the whole concept into a multimedia experience.

With its revolutionary 2-seater roadster design, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive supplies the driver with optimised convenience, infotainment and safety. Striking light bands in green, blue and red symbolise the transfer of information from each system to another. A distinctively BMW hood features a stylised opening designed to focus the driver’s attention to the road while also optimising the prioritised flow of information to the driver. For example, the car’s innovative new display and operating concept includes a three-dimensional Head-up Display in the windscreen, a freely programmable instrument cluster for the driver and an additional monitor for the front passenger for optimized practicality and safety.

“The most remarkable fact about the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is that a majority of its revolutionary features are already available in the BMW models of today courtesy of the BMW ConnectedDrive strategy. Of course, there are other leading features which will be introduced in the future as we at BMW constantly seek out innovations to make our cars even better than ever!” said Pils.

Also highlighted at the BMW Innovations showcase was the market introduction of the all new BMW Active Hybrid 3 and BMW Active Hybrid 5 cars to Malaysia. Fitted with the most advanced power train technology for hybrid vehicles, BMW’s Active Hybrid vehicles excel in all aspects of hybrid disciplines – output, fuel efficiency, range, all-electric top speed, acceleration and internal space and luggage capacity; all designed and engineered by BMW to deliver Sheer Driving Pleasure to its Malaysian customers without any compromise.

“The introduction of the all-new BMW ActiveHybrid 3 and BMW ActiveHybrid 5 completes the BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series product line-up in Malaysia. Given the Malaysian government’s growing support for Advanced Green technology which we expect will be further enhanced with the upcoming review of the National Automotive Policy, we aim to introduce even more of our Advanced Hybrid models as well as revolutionary Electro-Mobility solutions in the near future.” said Dr.Pils.

At the heart of the new BMW ActiveHybrid models is the multi-award winning six-cylinder in-line petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology power plant featuring a twin-scroll turbocharger, High Precision Injection and Valvetronic variable inlet valve lift control including Double-VANOS, the very same engine featured in the remarkably dynamic BMW 335i and the BMW 535i, providing both cars with a maximum output of 225 kW/306 hp with torque peaking at 400 Nm. In addition to that the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 and BMW ActiveHybrid 5 are further fitted with a 40 kW/55hp electric motor which is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 210 Nm. This allows the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 and BMW ActiveHybrid 5 to deliver performances of 5.3 seconds and 5.9 seconds respectively in the 0-100km/h sprint. The most astounding feature of the BMW ActiveHybrids are of course their remarkably enhanced efficiency, with the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 and BMW ActiveHybrid 5 consuming an average of 5.9 litres per 100km and 6.8 litres per 100km respectively and CO2 emissions of only 139 grams per km and 160 grams per km respectively.

Aside from operating in the all-electric mode a key feature of the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 and BMW ActiveHybrid 5 is the ability to deliver impressively dynamic acceleration by combining the outputs of both its petrol as well as electric power plants. Integrated into the housing of the eight-speed automatic transmission the electric motor enables all-electric driving in urban traffic, and when working in conjunction with the petrol engine provides extra power for acceleration with a combined output of 250 kW/340 hp and 450 Nm of torque. Operating in the all-electric mode the BMW ActiveHybrids are able to deliver zero-emissions while driving at speeds up to 60km/h with a total uninterrupted range of four kilometres. In urban conditions the on-board processor in the BMW ActiveHybrids ensures that the car optimizes the use of the electric motor with the eight-speed automatic transmission providing optimal power flow at all times. In addition, the cars eBOOST system is activated whenever additional power reserves are required, such as during overtaking manoeuvres.

The intelligent energy management system introduced in the all-new BMW ActiveHybrid 3 and BMW ActiveHybrid 5 incorporates the hybrid-specific Auto Start/Stop function, the ECO PRO mode as well as the car’s auxiliary air conditioning, making BMW’s first hybrid models in Malaysia unique in the premium market. The power electronics for the BMW ActiveHybrids are networked with the Professional navigation system which ensures that route data is saved by the on-board computer and are used to anticipate impending energy needs to ensure optimum performance and efficient interaction between the combustion engine and the electric drive on a customer’s regular drive routes. For example, the deployment of the electric motor on mountainous roads will be matched to select performance management data based on the driver’s previous routes. Uphill, maximum use can be made of stored energy to support the petrol engine while on the subsequent downhill portion of the drive the high-performance lithium-ion battery will be recharged via the Brake Energy Regeneration system for maximum efficiency. Even on level terrain, the system anticipates energy use to provide maximum efficiency; if the destination is in an urban area, the high-performance battery is charged sufficiently ahead of arrival to ensure that the final part of the drive can be covered on electrical energy alone.

Unlike in petrol and diesel variants, the Auto Start/Stop function in BMW ActiveHybrid models is activated when the vehicle is approaching a stop, and depending on the charge in the high-performance battery or its acceleration requirement, the engine will restart immediately after a stop or once the vehicle reaches 60km/h. With ECO PRO mode activated, drivers can also experience the vehicle “gliding” with the internal combustion engine switched off at speeds up to 160km/h. The petrol engine is deactivated during this process, resulting in zero-emissions while the vehicle uses the stored kinetic energy thanks to the Brake Energy Regeneration technology. The Hybrid specific Auto Start/Stop function also operates in COMFORT and SPORT modes at speeds up to 80 km/h. Drivers are able to activate these different driving modes via the Driving Experience Control button on the centre console of the vehicle.

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