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Kawasaki CKD Bikes Test-Ride Roadshow 2015 @ Bulatan Bazarena

23 Aug


Roadshow-02Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd’s (KMSB) 1st ever Roadshow 2015 featuring test-ride of selected CKD models kicked off with a bang from 9am this morning. Enthusiastic crowds were thrilled with the prospect of being able to test-ride Kawasaki bikes such as the Z250SL, Ninja 250SL, the new Ninja 300R, Z300, Vulcan S 650 and the 2015 Versys 650 prior to making their decision on which to buy.

Held inside Bulatan Bazarena near Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam, which is a stone’s throw away from the main stadium, the Roadshow was opened from 9am till 6pm in the evening. Great as it was, the enthusiasm had to take a breather as a freak thunderstorm was unleashed during lunch hour in the area, resulting in some of the canopy, tents, banners and buntings put up by KMSB got blown off by the strong winds that came with the heavy rain.

There were also two visitors that dropped the 2015 Versys 650 upon stopping after having ended their test-ride.


The test ride had to be stopped until the weather improves, after which the session was promptly resumed after 3pm when KMSB officials made a check to confirm the tarmac can be used again without posing a risk to any visitor who had registered for the event.


As expected, the aftermath of the thunderstorm made the tarmac wet and soggy, with some puddles of water along the test route, which was shaped in an oval pattern with orange cones adorning its surrounding, thus making many of the later visitors to be hesitating in going all out for a faster response. In fact, many of them were so slow that their test times were twice those who had tested during drier condition.

However, it must be noted that fast lap times weren’t the order of the day as the test-ride was organised for the benefit of potential Kawasaki motorcycle buyers to have a feel of the various CKD models made available for the occasion, from where they could finalise their chosen type from the participating dealer during the Roadshow.



In addition to the test ride, KMSB also had on display a number of CKD and CBU models, particularly the Ninja H2 and H2R high-performance motorcycles, and the visitors have the opportunity to hear for themselves how loud the latter bike sounds when its throttle was revved up. And most of the visitors were treated to stunt shows performed by Zul Olen astride the GTR 1400 and other Kawasaki models.

The next KMSB Roadshow 2015 will be held at the open air carpark of Aeon Bukit Tinggi in Klang on Sunday August 30th, also from 9am till 6pm.


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2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R: K.O.G. Ride To Bentong’s Lemang To’ki

22 Aug



This is the third group ride I had riding the 2015 Ninja ZX-10R. The ride was organised by the Kawasaki Owners Group (KOG) and the rendezvous point (RV) was at the BHP station along Karak highway just 2 km after the Gombak toll, which is the favourite place for big bikers to meet up for any of their weekend ride up to Genting Highlands or towards any of the towns in the East coast of the Peninsular.

Much as I told myself that I should refrained from participating in any big bike convoy organised by any group (except for weekend ride of between 8-10 riders or less), I have never participated in a ride organised by KOG so this was my first ever outing with them. For today’s ride, there were approximately 30 Kawasaki bikers and 1 rider on a Honda CBR500R – I never got to ask the leaders as to why that was the case as the ride is supposedly consisting of Kawasaki bike owners only or so I thought.


Today’s ride was organised for the fun of riding all the way to Bentong town via Karak highway to have brunch at the popular Lemang To’ki in Jalan Tras (GPS Coordinate: 3.545393, 101.899655). The time taken to reach by car is approximately 50 minutes from our RV point. We took approximately 40 minutes to reach the venue by bikes as the group was merely cruising within the 110 kph highway speed limit, and we weren’t speeding at all.


Even at that cruising speed, there were a number of occasions that I had to apply brakes to avoid torpedoed-ing the rider in front of me. Back to the reason why I should refrained from participating in any bike convoy comprised of more than 20 bikers is this situation. As usual, I had started off at the back of the convoy, with just a “Sweeper” behind me. Within a few minutes, I found myself in mid-pack with the Ninja ZX-10R, not that I was riding faster than anyone else but it was just the way I ride a bike – maintaining the same speed used on the straights at the bends and corners too.

Riding at 110 kph is nothing astonishing with a 250cc and above capacity motorcycle on the highway, and for me it is practically easy to maintain the same consistency whether on the straights and at the bends. In practise, within a few corners, there can be a huge gap developing between me and the rest once I am at the front, and that’s how I worked my way from behind the group to the front, as usual.


I was quite contended with remaining behind 4 riders after having made my way to the front but came close to torpedo-ing 2 of them at almost every bend thereafter as they hit the brakes on such a situation, I decided to move ahead of them and slotted the Ninja ZX-10R behind the 2 leaders-cum-marshals. I could see the gap between the afore-mentioned 4 riders and me widened almost immediately upon clearing a few bends/corners at Karak highway.

The 2 leaders upfront were also maintaining the same speed on the straights/the bends and pretty soon, the three of us were widening the gap from the rest at each bend, but the riders behind soon increased their speed upon hitting the straights to keep up with us before slowing/braking to tackle the next corner. That’s not to say the KOG does not have fast riders – most of them did not participate in today’s ride, and the few that did, didn’t start off the RV point but joined the group later at Lemang To’ki as they were coming from another function.

We had a temporary stop after reaching the Bentong toll plaza, to ensure none of the riders were left behind. After confirming the headcount, we proceed to Bentong town.


The ride into Bentong and out of it towards Lemang To’ki in the outskirts was a breeze, and the Ninja ZX-10R again is found to be exceptionally agile to handle the town’s tight, twisty and bumpy road. Although I had passed by Lemang To’ki a number of times while riding to Raub, Sungai Koyan and Cameron Highlands, this was the first time I had visited it, courtesy of joining the ride organised by KOG. The brunch was nice, and it cost me just RM9 for my order inclusive of a drink, an iced Nescafe. And top it off with the place’s famous Chendol later as dessert.


After the brunch, the riders had a few group photos as memories, and they were allowed to go their separate ways. Some opted to visit Bentong town, others will ride back to Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya while a few others decided to resume with their ride to other towns like Raub, Karak and Lanchang. As for me and the Ninja ZX-10R, I decided to ride back to KL via the older/twisty Jalan Gombak from Bentong town rather than using Karak highway.



However, I found the old road with more bumps as well as slippery at certain bends and with more patches than ever as compared to the last time I had a solo ride on it via the Honda CBR650F in late March 2015. While the agility of the Ninja ZX-10R is NEVER beyond doubt when riding on the old road, the experience wasn’t as smooth I wanted it to be. The bike’s suspension was able to absorb most of the bumps well and gripped the slippery surface with excellent traction but the great weather of the day had turned the seat quite hot, with my butt beginning to feel the heat after I had completed half the route of the old road. Thus, I decided to exit Jalan Gombak at the Genting Sempah RnR into Karak highway and made my way home via MRR2 after passing thru the Gombak toll plaza.


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Bermaz Motor Launches new Mazda MX-5 Roadster

21 Aug


Technically-speaking, I have not much interest in cars and anything 4-wheel, which include Go-Kart and ATVs. And once I have very little interest in something, my mind automatically shuts down from wanting to know more about the subject matter.

So there I was, attending the 4th-generation Mazda MX-5 Roadster launch, as in covering the event, as a photojournalist-cum-blogger. My near zero interest in cars is one thing but I don’t need to be a keen automobile enthusiast to snap great moments of the proceeding, and while the technical presentation may be of utmost importance to some of the guests and motoring media present, the rest were just as keen to see the new MX-5 unveiled by the VIPs. And the sumptuous buffet spread that follows thereafter.



Budget cuts seem to be the norm nowadays by almost every manufacturer in any industry, no thanks to the uncertain Malaysian economy and the weakening RM (Ringgit Malaysia) so it wasn’t a surprise to see the MX-5 being launched by Bermaz Motor – the sole importer and distributor for Mazda cars in Malaysia, was held at its HQ-cum-showroom complex located in the Glenmarie Industrial Zone, rather than at a posh hotel as was the occasion previously.


There’s nothing wrong with holding a launch in one’s own showroom as this have been done a zillion times previously by almost every car and motorcycle brands in the country but as it goes, such a showroom is comprised of clear glass wall – meaning the afternoon bright sunlight was shining thru in full glory, adding to the displeasure of some of the guests and motoring media. That was something which neither the extra powerful air condition nor the cold beverages served were able to reduce the discomfort of the surging intensive sunlight.

That said, the new Mazda MX-5 is currently being offered at a special package price of RM226,000 w/GST valid for the first batch consisting of 40 units. So book yours early to avoid disappointment.


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Panasonic Malaysia Launches New Series of Toughbook Computers

20 Aug

Toughbook Launch

In the era of smartphones and tablets, as well as the recent introduction of Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10, it is indeed a welcome news that Panasonic is still committed to its line-up of heavy duty, ultra-reliable Toughbook-series of laptops.

And the commitment is proven by Panasonic Malaysia’s introduction of the new Toughbook-series such as the CF-MX4, CF-54 and Toughpad FZ-X1.



The Toughbook CF-MX4 is a business-rugged laptop while the CF-54 is a semi-rugged type. Both laptops come installed with Windows 8.1 Pro. Measuring at 21mm and 29.8mm thick respectively, both the CF-MX4 and CF-54 are among the lightest laptops in the Toughbook line-up. Powered by features such as the touchscreen and the stylus, the CF-MX4 is particularly useful for those in the healthcare segment to quickly and efficiently input patient data, according to Panasonic.

The Toughpad FZ-X1 is a handheld computer. It is purpose-built to improve efficiency and productivity for mobile professionals in logistics, warehousing, utilities, retails, telecommunications and defence industries.


The CF-54 features a 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display and is powered by 5th-generation Intel Core i5-5300U vPro Processor (3MB cache, 2.3GHz up to 2.9GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology). It will be available with 4GB RAM and packed with 500GB of hard disk space.

Toughpad_FZ-X1The CF-MX4 features Multi-touch with an embedded stylus; also comes equipped with Windows 8.1 Pro as well as a 12.5-inch IPS Full HD display and 10-finger multi-touch capability. It is also powered by Intel’s latest 5th-generation Core i5-5300U vPro Processor.

The Toughpad FZ-X1 features a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm S4 Pro processor, a 5-inch HD (1280 x 720) display, 2GB RAM and 32GB of built-in storage. It also supports expandable storage via microSD card, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI, noise cancelling and dual front speakers and a sunlight-readable touchscreen.

The Toughbook CF-MX4, CF-54 and Toughpad FZ-X1 are now available in Malaysia at the following RRP:

Toughbook CF-MX4: USD 2,349.00

Toughbook CF-54:   USD 1,949.00

Toughpad FZ-X1:     USD 1,499.00

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2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R: First Group Weekday Ride

18 Aug


Today’s weekday ride with BAT Riders’ Group via the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R was decided at the eleventh hour as senior member Terence Goh began teasing the rest about riding to Ulu Yam Lama for lunch and then ride up to Goh Tong Jaya. – which is basically the same route the Bagsters’ Group did two days ago albeit with a different RV point this time around.

He sounded quite serious initially with BAT veteran members like Liew Kuan Ming, WK Lee, Leong Kot and Ivan Lim plus me all expressed interest to do so. Eventually it turned out Goh was just kidding and teasing us but nevertheless, the four of us had already made up our mind to proceed.

So we had our RV point at Petron Jalan Kuching. I was the first to arrive there despite having taken a longer route to reach as newer roads which I used to get to Petron turned out to lead to another route instead. Liew was the 2nd rider to arrive via his 2010 edition of the Yamaha R1, followed by Leong Kot and a friend of his, Joe, both riding Kawasaki’s Z800 bikes.


BAT Group President “Milo” aka WK Lee was the final rider to arrive on his BMW S1000RR bike, right after completing his work for the day. From Petron, we rode to the Batu Caves roundabout to take a 3 o’ clock turn towards Jalan Sg Tua, from where the old twisty road took us pass Batu Dam all the way to Ulu Yam Baru and Lama towns.

Since it is a weekday, there was more traffic as compared to a weekend group ride. With some sections of Jalan Sg Tua painted with double white lines, it was difficult to overtake those slow vehicles which refused to give way to us. Lee, Liew and Joe managed to get the hole shot in overtaking those vehicles when the lines break into dotted ones while Kot and me got stuck behind them for a few corners, thus slowed us down from the front group. A gap soon developed between those 3 riders and us but we decided not pursue but rode at our own pace as eventually the trio had to slow down too when they encountered even more slower traffic ahead.


Upon reaching Ulu Yam Baru, there was some slow traffic, and we suddenly remembered the corner lot coffeeshop does not open for business on a Monday. We then decided to Ulu Yam Lama for our breakfast instead. We find out during our lunch that Ivan was not able to join us for today’s ride as his work for the day did not complete on time and had to resume.

We had an ala carte style of ordering food for our lunch as Milo already had his prior to meet-up at the RV point. Our lunch ranged from Hokkien Mee, Cantonese Fried to Loh Mee plus a medium size plate of Loh Bak.


Our lunch took longer than usual to complete. We were supposed to ride up to Goh Tong Jaya by 1pm but at 1.35pm, we were still chit-chatting at our lunch table. By the time we paid the bill and get on our bikes again, it was close to 2pm. So instead of having coffee up there at Starbucks Petron, we decided to simply ride up to Goh Tong Jaya and then ride down to Genting Sempah RnR to use the twisty old Jalan Gombak back to Kuala Lumpur. Like Sunday’s ride, the idea of riding back via twisty Jalan Gombak did not take place as Liew noticed his rear Bridgestone S20 was slowly losing air pressure but still maintain enough supply to ride home smoothly via Karak highway.

So it was decided we would skip Jalan Gombak and used Karak highway instead after filling up Liew’s rear tyre. And just 3 kilometres away from Petron Starbucks in Goh Tong Jaya, the Ninja ZX-10R’s low fuel warning has lit up, with approximately 4 litres of reserve remaining. It was more than enough to reach home (55km away – it consumes approx. 19km per litre via ECO mode @ 140kph) if cruising via Karak highway but may not be the case if twisty Jalan Gombak were to be utilised. The idea to switch to Karak highway for the way home came after I had top-up the Ninja ZX-10R’s tank.

As mentioned previously, this Ninja ZX-10R is a stock standard unit, and its performance is on par against the Yamaha R1, BMW S1000RR and the two Z800s that were fitted with after market exhaust pipes and larger sprockets. While Liew and Milo were ahead from the 3 of us on the way down from Goh Tong Jaya towards Karak highway, the Ninja ZX-10R was able to remain within a bike’s length throughout the way, and it could take a much tighter line on the twisty Genting Highlands road as compared to the 2 bikes up front!


However, the Ninja ZX-10R went from 2nd to 3rd then 4th and eventually 5th placing upon reaching the Goh Tong Jaya police beat base section. A few slow Myvis and small lorries prevented the Ninja from getting ahead as I did not wish to overtake them via the S-curve segments laced with double white lines!

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Sony Experience 2015 @ Nexus Bangsar South

17 Aug







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More Shots With The EOS 760D Camera

16 Aug

This morning I managed to get some focus tracking shots with the EOS 760D courtesy from today’s weekend group ride – the camera is able to continuously track the main subject via its 5 fps burst although in practise, it is between 3-4 fps in AI Servo AF mode.

Nevertheless, here are the focus tracking shots:








Of course, focus tracking aside, the EOS 760D is also excellent in maintaining skin tones during available light shooting indoors such as these 2 portrait samples below:



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2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R: First Weekend Ride

16 Aug

Photos courtesy of Kenny Lee/Bikers Adventure Group


Today marks the 12th day since the 30th Anniversary edition of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R has been with me. And it is also the first time I took it for a group weekend ride with fellow bikers from the Bikers Adventure Group aka Bagsters.

While I had been riding the ZX-10R occasionally for the past 11 days prior today’s group weekend ride, I was a bit hesitant of joining the Bagsters or even the Cheras’ Bikers’ Avenger Team group (BAT) for a group ride. The reason is simple: I had not been riding any motorcycle since April 29, 2015 up till July 21 due to a fractured tibia bone below the left knee joint sustained during a freak incident while test-ride the revised Honda PCX 150 last April 28 at the bike lane off Kesas highway.

However, 1 thing I do know very well, despite the 3 months period of not riding a motorcycle, my knack for speed has not diminished one bit. In fact, if anything, it’s getting better (read: faster) as I have been “practising” my riding/cornering skill while playing the PC-based motogp13 game via my laptop. Of course, it can be debated as to how playing that game would help but if you are a passionate rider in reality, being able to win races in that game makes a BIG difference overall.


Back to today’s weekend ride – there were 6 of us for today’s weekend ride, which comprised of Kenny Lee (chief of Bagsters w/BMW GS 1200), Sam Ngeow, Ivan Yam (both also BMW GS 1200), Lester Liew (Ducati Monster 795) , newcomer Edward Chan (Honda CB500X) and me (Ninja ZX-10R).


Our routes for today’s ride started from the Double Shell stations off MRR2 at 8.30am, from where we proceed to Jalan Sg Tua towards Ulu Yam Lama for our triple dosage of Sambal Chee Cheong Fun, Hokkien Mee and Loh Mee for breakfast, where we reached the area at approximately 9.20am. We took a slow and steady ride as Edward was new to the routes, hence our 50 minutes journey.

The Ninja ZX-10R was set to its Middle Power mode and S-KTRC at Level 2 – at the speed we were going, there was no need to go for Full Power nor S-KTRC Level 1 (or OFF mode). Everything about the Ninja ZX-10R is stock standard with absolutely no modifications and zero 3rd-party parts/accessories installed. For 75% of the time, I wasn’t going that fast except for 2 occasions where I sped up to stay ahead of our group by a few kilometres so I could snap some photos of fellow Bagsters in action when they finally came by the spot I was waiting for them.


After breakfast, we rode up towards Goh Tong Jaya and along the way, we came across a group of Honda CBR500R riders, where half of them were quite gung ho, and they quickly overtook our group. The other half were slower than us but eventually I didn’t bother to keep up with the faster half the moment I found out their speed to be wanting when approaching S-curve corners and let them be. The ZX-10R could catch up to the faster half very quickly so the excitement pretty much evaporated after that seeing how easy it was to do so. The Ninja ZX-10R was going faster than the CBR500 group mainly because I needed to be ahead of my fellow bikers in order to snap some photos of them for today’s weekend ride as part of the EOS 760D camera review.

Bagsters’ motto is always about “Ride Safe, Enjoy the Ride and Have Fun” and it is NEVER about riding extremely fast nor dangerously so we have always restrained ourselves of being a nuisance to other road users during our weekend ride. Any group of riders wanting to prove they were faster than us, we will be glad to let them overtake us and disappeared from our view.

We reached the 2nd and newer Goh Tong Jaya commercial area and had our Teh Tarik session at one of the mamak restaurants there, where 2 other bikes, Desmond and Eddie, who were friends of Edward joined us. Turned out to be a small world indeed as both Desmond and Eddie used to work under my younger brother at First Tech Distributors Sdn Bhd, a local IT company.

After our Teh Tarik session, we planned to return to Kuala Lumpur via the twisty Jalan Gombak way instead of Karak highway but Sam forgotten about that and led us all the way to the latter on the way down from Goh Tong Jaya. While cruising along Karak highway, we were all overtaken by a group of superbikers who rode recklessly amidst the traffic but we kept our cool and were never tempted to follow them at their breakneck speed.


We had a brief stop after passing the Gombak toll, had a few photos snapped and bid goodbye to each other prior to going our separate way home. It was an enjoyable weekend ride for all of us today. Total mileage for today’s ride are 88.8km, since started from the RV point of Double Shell stations and up till the regrouping after the Gombak toll plaza. By the time I reached home, the mileage had clocked 118.8km, with the fuel consumption being approximately 7 litres of RON95.


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Snapshots with EOS 760D @ ISO 6400

14 Aug


Had a brief hands-on with the new EOS 760D prior to waiting for the movie “The Man From UNCLE” starts while sight-seeing inside Kuala Lumpur’s Berjaya Times Square shopping mall – a venue which I have not visited for the past 6 months.

While I am used to the EOS 700D set to its ISO speed of 1600 for most of my indoors and low-light shooting; I figured the new EOS 760D with its DiG!C 6 processor should be able to resolve finer detail at higher ISO than the former. So I had it set to ISO 6400 for all the test shots shown here.


Nevertheless, I am quite impressed with the image quality of the EOS 760D at this ISO speed. Over the next few days I shall explore the camera for other subjects via different shooting modes and lower ISO settings.





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Adidas Premieres Fall/Winter 2015 Ultra BOOST Collection @ Lot 10

12 Aug


Boost3Adidas Malaysia has launched its Fall / Winter 2015 collection of the adidas Ultra BOOST running shoes at the first anniversary celebration of The Marathon Shop, an adidas Preferred Running Partner. From the previously released Ultra BOOST in the Spring/Summer 2015 (S/S 2015) collection, adidas has yet again taken running to the next level. Unceasingly revolutionary, the new and improved Ultra BOOST is designed based on the ARAMIS 3D shape and surface measurement to serve as a fully adaptive running experience in any environment.

The F/W 2015 Ultra BOOST is the result of meticulous research and design to provide the best running experience possible. In this humid weather in Malaysia, the fabric used in the F/W Ultra BOOST works to sustain airiness during long distance running or extended hours of working out. No details are overlooked as adidas has carefully chosen expendable materials that can accommodate different feet structures on various terrains and any orientating movements. A pair of running shoes should essentially deliver comfort, flexibility and a significant BOOST to propel you forward. adidas applies BOOST technology that pushes performance and extra ENERGY to not only gain ground, but adapt to various activities ranging from normal intensity workouts to aggressive movements.


This time, the F/W Ultra BOOST is specially engineered to accommodate most activities making it a must-have pair of running shoes that furnishes ENERGY BOOST at every angle. From running to rigorous training, adidas is going all out to provide the ultimate workout shoes that offers comfort, has the spring touch and promises great performance for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The F/W Ultra BOOST is designed to lift tension off the feet, especially the heels, thus promoting average performance to a level that is outstanding and beyond expectations. adidas’ application of the BOOST technology acts as a vehicle to reach the highest excellence in sports performance for various users achieving different goals.


The running revolution has come, the greatest run ever awaits with the F/W Ultra BOOST at adidas Ultra BOOST will be available at adidas Sports Performance stores from today the retail price of RM650.


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