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Zung Demonstrates Image Clarity via LG’s 4K Curved OLED TV

21 Oct


For professional photographers, the most important aspect to them where colors are being rendered via display panels such as a computer monitor and TV screens is instrumental. As such, these display panels need to be able to render the most natural colors possible for professional photographers to choose the right one as the tool for the job.

Most LCD TV screens and computer monitors are unable to render accurate colors, they are either over saturated or lacking contrast particularly in the black and gray tones. It is with this reason that LG Electronics Malaysia (LG) has launched its Curved 4K OLED TV for the first time in Malaysia, promising viewers and professional photographers of the product’s ability to achieve the “Perfect Black” terminology.


The LG OLED TV is available in 65-inch sized displays, and is a showcase of cutting edge display technology with panels composed of organic light-emitting diodes. The display is capable of producing perfect black and lifelike colours in Ultra HD quality for a truly unparalleled viewing experience.

To demonstrate the Curved 4K OLED TV’s ability in rendering perfect colors, LG Electronics has organized an image showcase session with photographs captured by internationally renowned photographer Zung popularly known as “The Photogz”. In the event, Zung shared his inspiration and passion for photography along with the stories behind these images, and the ability of the 4K OLED TV of faithfully rendering the tones of his photos.


“There is nothing quite like an image that captures a specific moment in time – my work has brought me all over the world to witness a myriad cultures and magical moments. I am beyond thrilled to see these images fleshed out with such clarity especially through the  element of perfect black coming alive on LG’s Curved 4K OLED TV. I am very happy to be able to join LG for the launch of this TV and hope that this showcase inspires more people to create and capture moments worth reliving in immersive, lifelike colour,” said Zung.

The LG Curved 4K OLED TV utilizes the company’s proprietary WRGB technology. This pixel structure adds a white sub pixel, which allows for expanded colour range and life-like colours. The TV incorporate features that ensure images are rendered with perfect black and perfect colours, and an infinite contrast ratio. Each of the OLED’s self-lighting pixel turns on and off on its own in order to exhibit the richest details in a surreal picture quality.


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Fujifilm Malaysia Launches Instax Mini 70 with Cathryn Lee

20 Oct


In this digital age, what’s the attraction of an instant camera to the Generation Y today?

Plenty, according to Fujifilm Malaysia, which has just launched its latest instant camera, the Instax Mini 70, that is aimed at the Selfie crowd. The “Instax Mini” series is especially popular among male and female teenagers as well as young men and women as these cameras produce instant physical prints. While digital images continue to be popular, there has been a recent resurgence of interest in the analog approach of instantly producing real photos in print form. And to help get the message across to Selfie lovers, the company has enlisted the service of Cathryn Lee, an actress and an accomplished Malaysian pianist as the Instax Mini 70’s official Fujifilm Brand Ambassador.



The Fujifilm Instax Mini 70, which comes in three new colours – Canary Yellow, Island Blue and Moon White, features Auto Exposure Control function to capture both the main subject and background in natural brightness as well as the newly added “Selfie” mode. With its modern design, the Instax Mini 70 broadens its appeal to not only young women but also men in their 20s and 30s, making it a perfect fashion statement for any occasion at anytime. The camera has a variety of shooting modes that allow the user to enjoy photography in various situations.

While snapping Selfie shots, users can choose the “Selfie” mode to provide the appropriate brightness and shooting distance for their shots and use the Selfie mirror beside the lens to check their framing. Features such as the tripod mount and the self-timer function are ideal for group photos.


In addition, the “Macro” mode can be used for shots at a minimum of 30cm from the subject while the “Landscape” mode can be utilized for far away landscape photos.

Sales of the Instax Mini series cameras have been encouraging in Japan and also in East Asia, Europe and the United States. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 retails at RM 598 inclusive of 6% GST and is available nationwide from November 1st at any authorized Fujifilm dealers’ outlet.


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