It’s “Double Double” via YES 4G LTE Plans with YES Altitude 4G LTE Smartphone

30 Jun


When YTL Communications had unveiled its YES 4G broadband back in late 2010, I was among the early adopters of the plan, albeit a few months later. Even then, the brand itself faced criticisms from rival telcos and non-users alike who brush it off by telling consumers that the wireless system used by YES 4G wasn’t a true 4G spectrum but a marketing gimmick to entice users to sign-up.

I was shifting to a new home where Telecom Malaysia’s (TM) Unifi service was yet to be made available in early 2011, and the YES 4G plan was an excellent choice for me while waiting for Unifi or’s broadband service to be ready. Technically-speaking, the area of my new home is located within the latter’s broadband network but the service is still not available even today while TM’s Unifi made its debut approximately 2 years after I had moved in.

In the meantime, my Internet needs was taken care of by YES 4G’s prepaid service which I had subscribed via its compact dongle system for 10GB of data per month. Unlike Unifi, which is unlimited data, the YES 4G module was enough for my usage then as I did not download movies nor music since my occupation is related more towards receiving/sending images to clients as well as uploading them to this blog and Facebook. And sending/receiving email.




Being new, events organised by YTL Communications for its YES 4G broadband then had only attracted small groups of tech media and guests in attending. Today, just 6 years after its broadband first rolled out, the company is ready to launch its full-fledged wireless 4G network, and the crowd is definitely bigger, enough to fill the entire Grand Ballroom of the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur!

With the official launch, consumers across Malaysia can now experience blazing fast Internet data speeds services with an impressive 85% nationwide coverage. The 4G brand under YTL Communications is also the first mobile operator in the country to introduce Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) capability for high-definition, crystal clear calls. At the same time the YES Altitude, the newest, high quality Android device developed by YES, was unveiled as the most affordable VoLTE smartphone in the Malaysian market, allowing more consumers to access high speed LTE Internet.


CEO of YTL Communications, Wing K. Lee enthused about building the most advanced 4G LTE network on top of the existing YES 4G broadband that has reached a nationwide footprint in Malaysia: “We started the journey with 4G Mobile Broadband and are now excited to complete the journey with the launch of 4G LTE together with the country’s first VoLTE service. We are proud to help Malaysia leapfrog to a high income economy through the provision of these new services.

“We are also proud to launch the country’s first Double Data bucket price plan that allows all users access to both 4G LTE and 4G Broadband networks with a single service plan, at RM70 per month, where consumers will get 24GB of data (16GB of 4G LTE and 8GB of 4G Broadband) complete with a free Yes Altitude smartphone. There is simply no comparable offer from any other telco in Malaysia, said Lee.”

With the “Double Data” feature of YES 4G plans, whether consumers prefer to have more 4G LTE data for smartphones or more 4G Broadband data for tablets and laptops, the new YES LTE plans will cater to the full spectrum of user needs.



The YES Altitude is a full-fledged 4G VolTE smartphone for seamless mobile LTE connectivity. The phone sports a 5-inch HD IPS on-cell display and supports VoLTE for High Definition voice and video calls which are up to 3 times and 6 times better quality than calls made on 3G/2G networks. Its dual-sim functionality allows users the convenience and flexibility in managing their SIM cards for the best data and best voice call rates in the market. With a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RM399 inclusive of 6% GST, is is the lowest priced VoLTE in Malaysia. The YES Altitude comes in 3 colour variants – gold, white and silver.

For YES “Double Data” plan sign-ups, consumers can visit any YES Store, YES Exclusive Retail Partner or authorised YES dealer across Malaysia. Alternatively, they can visit the YES Online Store at for more information.




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