Astra Honda Indonesia Announces 2017 Honda CBR250RR

25 Jul

PT Astra Honda Motor has launched the eagerly-awaited 2017 Honda CBR250RR in Indonesia. The all new Honda CBR250RR brings with it a playful maneuverer for lovers of motorcycles in the country.

Honda CBR250RR

The all New Honda CBR250RR is developed based on the philosophy in designing Honda’s rich heritage in Supersport category – by applying the highest standard of features as part of the design.

The specifications of the new Honda are a liquid-cooled 250cc 4-stroke, 4-valve/cylinder, 2-cylinder DOHC engine, which is developed through the collaboration between the strong teams of engineers from Japan and Indonesia before it is eventually manufactured by Astra Honda’s factory in Karawang AHM.

“Indonesia was chosen as the first country in the world to produce and launch the Honda CBR250RR. This is a real proof of the work the nation’s children has met international standard and is able to compete in the global market,” said Executive Vice President Director of AHM Johannes Loman.

CBR250RR Launch

The CBR250RR lightweight Supersport motorcycle is designed with one goal in mind – to be the best in its class machine, with features such as:

Styling: Design that evokes the sensation of power and speed.
Chassis: Presenting an optimum manoeuvrability and exceptional performance.
Power: Optimal machine characteristics around the exhaust sound that gives the added sensation to the performance despite the compact engine design.

This makes the CBR250RR an ideal motorcycle featuring the coolest electronics and throttle-by-wire (TBW) control systems in its class. As it is, the new 2017 Honda CBR250RR has a compact design in each section which contributes to the ease of handling in the real world of riding. Every technical section is integrated with each other to create the ideal 250cc sports motorcycle by Honda.


The latest frame design with steel truss structure that guarantees the strength and suppleness. This frame is designed in a way to support the extreme power produced by the CBR250RR without undermining the performance and handling, resulting in rider-friendly stability.

The swing-arm is a gull-arm, made of aluminium through the process of Gravity Casting results in a reduction in unsprung weight and maximize the exhaust layout to balance its center of the gravity but still optimising the angle of the steering angle during manoeuvring of the bike.

Swinging arm is connected to the main frame using the Pro-Link suspension while for the front is a pair of 37mm Showa inverted forks that have been selected to reduce unsprung weight for improved handling.

LED lighting is used or both the bike’s front dual headlights as well as taillights for enhanced brightness during night riding. The wheels come with 7-spoke alloy that are designed exclusively for the Honda CBR250RR.

Honda CBR250RR_Black

Electrical and Control systems
To provide optimal control for the rider, the bike is implemented with the latest technology – throttle-by-wire or known as TBW. The all New Honda CBR250RR is a first-in-class model that applies the system of TBW. This model presents a smooth acceleration and stable precision.

Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) which is placed on the left side of the gas will detect automatically the gas lever rotation and send electrical signals to the ECU. The system is also applied in Honda’s RC213V MotoGP bike. In order to maximise the functionality of TBW equipped riding mode selector so that the rider can enjoy drive in various road conditions.

Honda CBR250RR is available with two types – STD (Standard) and ABS with colour choices Honda Racing Red, Anchor Gray Metallic and Matte Gunpowder Black Metallic. The new CBR250RR will be available for purchase in Indonesia by the end of 2016.

To complement the new CBR250RR, AHM has set up 10 items Honda Genuine Accessories such as Tank Pad Protector, Radiator, Single Seat Cowl, Fender Eliminator, Aero Fin, Hand Guard, Front Fender Carbon, Carbon Hugger, Upper Tank Cover Carbon and Carbon Muffler Cover. The new Honda CBR250RR riders can also be complemented with selection of Honda-branded apparel like a Full Face Helmet, Leather Jacket, Leather Glove and a T-shirt. The entirety of the HGA and apparel are also available at Honda Wing Dealers chain by the end of 2016.


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